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Fun Facts:   

Melissa in Greek origin translates to Honey Bee.

Recently saved & adopted a rescue dog; named him Rhuben.

Had the special honor of playing the 21st-century version of  Lucy Ricardo (Lucille Ball) from I Love Lucy.

"Melissa Martinelli makes every choice in an approach to character with truth, intelligence, and commitment to intention and story. She has a wonderful ability to be so immediately emotionally accessible without fear, or doubt, without ever pushing for the sake of showing the viewer a result-oriented performance. This unique vulnerability, combined with a raw, powerful edgy, yet graceful presence, brings a grounded reality to her work, that in my eyes, makes her one of the best actresses I have ever had the pleasure to coach. She has an ease and a versatility that makes her like no one else.
"Melissa is a tenaciously creative actor. Fearless in her willingness to leap tall building in a single bound. I highly recommend her because she loves acting and wants to elevate any project she's a part of."



"Worked with Melissa in Fever: 1793, which went on to win a regional EMMY! Not only is she a remarkable actress with great work ethic, but also an even better person and the ultimate professional."
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