Melissa Martinelli
Actor | Los Angeles
Melissa Martinelli starred in two television pilots and one web series for Kobalt Books Entertainment. It’s always an absolute pleasure working with Melissa because there seems to be no limit to the range that she’s able to portray on camera. Melissa manages to take herself to this place that brings incredible life to a role. She not only portrays a character, she becomes that character! If your project needs to go to the next level, two words… Melissa Martinelli.
                              -Cedric Mixon
Melissa is by far the most dynamic and versatile actress I've had the pleasure of working with. She's professional, talented, and works well in bringing your character to life. Any agent or director will be lucky to have worked with her.
                               -Justin Lee
Worked with Melissa in Fever:1793, which went on to win a regional EMMY! Not only is she a remarkable actress with great worth ethic, but also an even better person and the ultimate professional.
                                     -Leonard Dozier
Melissa was the lead actress in my  film,"The Thrill of Being Followed." When she came to the audition, I knew within about three seconds I was going to cast her -- and this was after 6 months of auditions. Melissa's acting instincts and versatility are among the best I have seen. She completes embodies her role, has a thorough understanding of comedic timing, is easy to work with and always brings 100% effort to the set. If she comes to your audition, CAST HER.
                               -Mickey Newman
I've had the pleasure of working with Melissa on two films now, Marbletown and Stuffed & Dangerous. She has tremendous talent and has always been on-time, professional, friendly, collaborative, and most importantly, easy to work with. She always came to set with her lines memorized and was always on-point with the offered adjustments; yet it was her ability to improvise while staying true to her character that impressed me most about Melissa. I highly recommend casting Melissa in your project as her talent lends instant credence to any character she embodies.
                                      -Wesley Mellott




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Melissa is an excellent actor with whom I had the opportunity to work with. We played a husband and wife in an unraveling marriage; our chemistry was sound, and her energy, in particular, provided a very authentic feel to our interactions on camera. As a performer, she is always punctual, prepared, and precise - the three P's that matter the most to me as an actor. Melissa is also well versed in improvisation, intense, and understands the importance of detail on screen. I enjoyed working with her a great deal. I'm sure that I'll be working with her again soon. Seriously. We have another project that starts shooting in a month! I expect her to remain busy in her career for a long time to come...
                                            -Nick Groch
Melissa was nothing short of professional as the lead character of "Sunny" in my award winning "Happy Acres Pitch Trailer". Without Melissa's ability to be believable in the role, the trailer would not have been successful. She poured everything into the scenes. Her acting was spot on. She was always prepared always on time, and had a terrific attitude. A real team player. I know she is going to have a long career in entertainment.
                              -Colleen McQuaide